It's a pendant made with @adafruit LED sequins, a 2032 battery holder, brass pieces and hand-bent brass wires.

I based this design on a 2032 battery holder that I could hide behind a thick brass disc. The golden tabs on the battery holder made it easy to incorporate visually. It took a few design iterations (much more than pictured below) to find one I liked enough to make - the middle design became the final one!

Lots of different design iterations

I’ve accepted that my soldering is better when hidden 🤪 so I printed out the reverse of the design and hid the solder joints behind the pendant. I used a combination of kapton tape and double sided tape over the design to keep the wires in place & a tiny paintbrush to dab liquid flux on the hand-bent wires.

I really wanted this pendant to:
✅ look good with or without the LEDs lit up
✅ be heavy enough to drape like a regular necklace
✅ hide the battery!

And I think I’m getting better at soldering these things! A little buffing and polishing really brings out the gold and makes it look clean.

Here’s me wearing it to demonstrate how long the chain is!  I tend to like necklaces this length. A minor issue is that the chain gets twisted easily but I can probably attach some sort of bar on the chain later to fix this if it becomes annoying enough

That’s it! Really quite pleased with how this turned out, I’m going to wear it around an upcoming conference, hopefully it doesn’t break 🤞🏽

Gonna try to make the other designs next time!

Let me know if this is something you try for yourself, I'm @chardane on twitter and insta! And if you'd like, you can subscribe below at the bottom of this page for updates on my projects here! 💖

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