Hand washing timers are trendy

...so I made my own! This is a quick make, written in CircuitPython with a Circuit Playground Express. It activates with a loud sound, counts down 20 seconds, blinks some lights at you, and plays some sounds to make you feel like you just opened an 8-bit treasure box! »

Crystal Staff: A (mostly) 3D printed staff

The idea for this project was simple: What can I do with this wonderful crystal I procured from @sehulrburt ? It became an adventure in 3D modeling and iteration -- I finished and iterated until I was happy with it. Read on for a chronicle of this journey! »

Quick, make a hat!

Tomorrow is NYE 2020, and I just couldn't resist making a blinky hat to welcome the new year. »

Supercon Badgey Thingies - mini build!

I attended Hackaday Supercon this past weekend, and I have so many thoughts and feels, but before I procrastinate I'd like to show how I built these little badgey things I gifted new #supercon friends! I'm calling them badgey thingies but let me know if you have any suggestions 😅I »

How to get inspired (about making things!)

Hello! I've been having fun making things for 12 Months of Makes (as evidenced by the state of my desk pictured above haha), and I figured this post will be dual purpose: give an update about what I've been up to, and answer a question a few friends have expressed. »

February Make: Pusheen Heart

Creating a google assistant app, how to avoid soldering, and discovering what makes projects motivating and fun. Warning: extreme Valentine cheesiness ahead. »