Tomorrow is NYE 2020, and I just couldn't resist making a blinky hat to welcome the new year. Here it is, shown with the designs I quickly iterated on before settling on this final version:

Below is the SVG file if you want to make your own! Cut it out on your Cricut Maker machine (or any other vinyl/paper cutter) and stick a blinky LED with a coin cell battery inside of it.

If you don't have a machine cutter, simply print this out on regular or colored paper and cut out the edges – it will still look awesome!

Some tips:

  1. I found that the light diffuses best if you have the LED on the same side as the text so that the light is shining on the opposite wall.
  2. I used a shiny, rose gold cardboard paper because it screams "festive!!"
  3. Use some string through the holes at the bottom of the cone to secure it
  4. Smile, and put the hat on your friend's head too!

Hello 2020, please be kinder to us than your older sister was. 💖