So I made my own! This is a very quick make, written in CircuitPython, made with a Circuit Playground Express. It activates with a loud sound (claps, flushing toilet, etc) counts down 20 seconds, blinks some lights at you, and plays some free wav files I found on to make you feel like you just opened an 8-bit treasure box!

This quick make was inspired by John Edgar Park's No Touch Hand Wash Timer and all the other wonderful timers that people are making!

Here's the code I used, a bunch of it is based on the Adafruit Playground Sound Meter tutorial. It's a little messy but hey, I wash my hands clean of the situation 😬. Ok yeah I won't quit my day job. 😝

Make sure to download the wav files (I ended up cropping the start tone but you can use whichever you fancy)

  1. Start sound
  2. Done sound

If you have a Circuit Playground Express, make sure you're on the latest version of CircuitPython, copy paste this code, and voila! You can now wash your hands and feel like a pixel perfect hero while doing it.

Hope you're hanging in there in these crazy times, and I hope this quick make inspired you to make something that will make you feel good about staying home and washing your hands 🥰